#.005 2023 JKS TS 250 purchase stickers to win!
#.005 2023 JKS TS 250 purchase stickers to win!
#.005 2023 JKS TS 250 purchase stickers to win!
#.005 2023 JKS TS 250 purchase stickers to win!
#.005 2023 JKS TS 250 purchase stickers to win!

#.005 2023 JKS TS 250 purchase stickers to win!

Regular price $100.00

This is our 5th give away; we've already had 3 winners! 

You are buying stickers to enter the giveaway, if you buy 2 or more you will get 1 of our new JKS hats as well!

JKS TS 250, This give away will include free shipping to your door. 

There are only 65 total sticker spots available at $100 each. Get a free hat when you purchase 2 or more. The number or numbers you select are your sticker raffle number. 

If we can't fill up the $100 spots, we will have to change it to $50 a spot and we can switch you to 2 numbers that you choose or issue refund.

If you don't win, your order value can roll over towards buying a new bike up to $300 off. So, if you buy 3 sticker numbers and don't win, you can get $300 off on a new TS 250 or TS 300 dirt bike. 

The give away will be on our Facebook page live with the number randomizer. We will do the drawing in the evening after all spots are filled up, we will keep you updated on our Facebook page.

If you don't see the drawing live because you’re busy, don't worry about it, we have your information through the website and will contact you, we won't redraw.

TS250 round 5 

1 Bill DeGarmo Munising MI 34 James Young Lincolnton GA
2 Clifford Hess Clovis CA 35 Scott Karn Homer Glen IL
3 Philip Bennett Leesburg NJ 36 Clayton Swann Rincon GA
4 Yair Gutierrez Waukegan IL 37 Michael Dale Tiger GA
5 Bill DeGarmo Munising MI 38 Houston Parker Trinity AL 3
6 Jesse Kaywood Townsend GA 39 Scott Karn Homer Glen IL
7 Justin Lafferty Casper WY  40 Brian Moore stuart IA 
8 Lacie Smith Casper WY  41 Jacob Moffitt Canton MO 
9 Tanya Haley Ceres CA  42 Travis Guaresimo Township MI
10 Frederick Neumeyer Spanaway WA 43 Brandon Amick Alexandria IN 
11 Tanner Fulliam Mandan ND 44 Todd underwood Oswego IL
12 jason erickson Bealeton VA 45 Christopher Runyon Bonnyman KY
13 Frederick Neumeyer Spanaway WA  46 Kevin Bass Faison NC
14 Christopher Runyon Bonnyman KY 47 Victor Dahl Baudette MN 
15 Scott Karn Homer Glen IL 48 Cindi Oherrick Everett PA 
16 Tanner Fulliam Mandan ND 49 Randall Stover Beckley WV 
17 Scott Karn Homer Glen IL 50 Tanner Fulliam Mandan ND
18 Ryan Bard Okeechobee FL 51 John Jones Saint Joseph TN
19 Justin Lafferty Casper WY 52 Christopher Runyon Bonnyman KY
20 thomas valanzola Lakeville MA 53 Clifford Hess Clovis CA 
21 Steve Mofford East Bridgewater MA  54 Lacie Smith Casper WY 
22 Anthony Labbate Pasadena MD 55 Jon Beitelspacher Linton ND 
23 Scott Karn Homer Glen IL 56 Justin Lafferty Casper WY 
24 Joseph Miltenberger Rimrock AZ 57 Anthony Labbate Pasadena MD
25 Aaron Strieker Quincy IL 58 Scott Karn Homer Glen IL
26 Jonathan Johnson Alexandria IN 59 Philip Bennett Leesburg NJ
27 Jeff JacksonHamburg NY 60 Scott Karn Homer Glen IL
28 Trentyn Meister Portage MI 61 Michael Flagg Athol MA
29 patrick harden Red Bank NJ 62 Victor Dahl Baudette MN 
30 Travis Guaresimo Township MI 63 Seth V NC
31 Philip Bennett Leesburg NJ 64 Justin Lafferty Casper WY 
32 Cody Sharp Valley Head WV 65 Bill DeGarmo Munising MI
33 gilbert hollingsworth london KY