Become a Dealer

We need dealers to join the JKS team, If you would like to carry our products in your store this is what it takes!  

Requires 3 each 50s and 1 of each model big bike, total $17600 to $18000, cash, check, wire transfer. If you need to use a cc there is an added transaction fee. This is a yearly minimum to keep your status.  We won't alow other dealers in your state! 

If any of these bikes are out of stock,  it will just require 50% of it down and the rest when it ships.  We usually have everything tho!

TS 50 Advanced $1200 retail $1749

TS 50 Advanced in black $1250 retail $1849

TS 50 PRO $1600 retail in your store $2249

TS 125 PRO $4200, retail in your store $5400

TS 250 PRO $4800, Retail in your store $6000

TS 320 PRO $5000, Retail in your store $6400

Becoming a dealer isn't cheap and cost alot, but most definitely worth the investment. Our brand is growing bigger every year and getting in early will pay off big in the long run! 

call or text 912-816-4600 for calls use ext 102 Kat or ext 101 Jerred



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