TS 50 Maintenace

Part 1: TS 50 1st time start up procedures. 

Part 2: TS 50 Starting issues.

Part 3: Clutch talk

Part 4: water pump talk.



1. First time starting: the bike comes with oil in it but there is no way to verify the amount,
it’s best to drain it and measure it and add some if needed. It holds 10oz of any gear oil
like Kawasaki gear oil. Service air filter with oil and make sure entire check list here has
been completed, then pull choke up and twist to keep it up and turn idol screw all the
way in and kick start it. You shouldn’t have to give it any gas to start. Once started turn
choke off and adjust idol screw to set idol. To warm the bike up: put bike on a stand
with back wheel in the air and slowly start to give it gas until it can take full throttle and
running smoothly.
2. Oil gas mixture 40:1, preferably good synthetic 2 stroke oil such as Klotz. If it seems too
boggy you can adjust the small brass fuel screw by the idol screw inwards and can lien
the oil to 50 to 1 as well. Make sure you use 91 to 93 pump gas. Do not use high octane
fuel, it won’t run right.
3. Change the clutch oil in the dirt bike every two to four hours of ride time, preferable
synthetic gear oil like kawi gear oil. The bike holds 10oz. There is no way to verify there
is 10oz in the bike, so you have to measure it before pouring it in.
4. Air filter should be sprayed with air filter oil to keep dirt and sand from getting through
to the carburetor. Clean every time you change the oil. Every two to Four hours of ride
time. To clean and service air filter: loosen the bolt under the seat located in the rear
fender well and then the seat will come off. Make sure its dry and sprayed with air filter
oil before you reinstall air filter.
5. Keep bike clean and oil the chain with chain lubes every time you ride it.
6. Change the spark plug if bike is not wanting to start or not running as good. 2 strokes
foul plugs often.
7. Go over the bike and make sure nothing has come loose on the bike before rides and be
sure not to over tighten anything! 
8. The automatic clutch will wear over a period and will need to be changed. You will know
when it has worn down when it’s not taking off as hard or going as fast or can even want
to move when it’s just idling. 
9. Always ride safe, wear a helmet and proper gear.



If your bike is having a hard time starting or not starting, here are things to check
1. If your bike is running bad:
Make sure you have good fuel, 91 to 93 pump gas and the mixture is correct in the 40 to 50 to 1
Change spark plug, even if it doesn’t look bad, it can still be bad.
Weak stator or coil
Dirty filter, or dirt in carburetor.
Compression in top end getting low and ready for a rebuild, you will just need a piston kit, you
shouldn’t need a cylinder and piston kit. Top ends generally last 20 to 40 hours.

2. If bike will not start at all:
Remove spark plug and check and make sure it’s firing correctly, if it’s not firing, change the coil
and stator.
If it is firing good, it should be a fuel issue in the carburetor. Clean the carburetor jets or replace
If bike still won’t start and you have fire and fuel, it’s more then likely it needs a new top end
kit. You can do a compression test with a test kit from the auto parts store, install it where the
spark plug goes and kick it several times with the throttle wide open, compression should be
over 100 and up to 120 to 130. If compression is below 100 you will need to rebuild the top


Part 3: Clutch talk  JKS TS 50 Clutch Parts and Kits – JKS Powersports LLC

Clutches will now come as a parts kit and be assembled at the time of installing your clutch. 

This ensures you are getting a fresh clutch that hasn't been sitting on the shelf with the washer stacks compressed. 

This allows you to just freshen your clutch with new pads and stacks without having to purchase a complete clutch. 

Save your old washer stacks to add 1 washer at the bottom of the stack for when it gets weak and it will refresh it. Here is a reference picture.

Stock: From bolt head to pad. )()()()()

also stock for super hard hit )()()()()| has a very thin shim at bottom of stack.

Adding a washer: From bolt head to pad. )()()()()) this is for when it gets weak.

You can also use a very thin washer like this for shims. )()()()()| if it gets weak.,

This is to keep your clutch hitting hard at higher rims. Don't add any washers or shims untill the clutch is engaging to early as you can go to far with it and the clutch won't engage, this is a very fine line. 

For beginner parents that want your bike to take off like a pw flipping the top washer around will make it engage when you barley touch the throttle.

From bolt head to pad (()()()()


Part 4: Water pump talk. JKS TS 50 WATER PUMP PARTS AND KITS – JKS Powersports LLC


2 bearings




Screw : make sure this gets lock tight, it will back out and ruin you water pump.

Make sure when you rebuild this, your bearings and seal stack up is together tightly and the water pump turns freely before install.