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JKS TS 50 Clutch Parts and Kits

JKS TS 50 Clutch Parts and Kits

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JKS TS 50 Clutch Kits

JKS TS 50 Clutch Kits see below before selecting.

Clutches will now come as a parts kit and be assembled at the time of installing your clutch. 

This ensures you are getting a fresh clutch that hasn't been sitting on the shelf with the washer stacks compressed. 

This allows you to just freshen your clutch with new pads and stacks without having to purchase a complete clutch. 

Save your old washer stacks to add 1 washer at the bottom of the stack for when it gets weak and it will refresh it. Here is a reference picture.

Stock: From bolt head to pad. )()()()()

also stock for super hard hit )()()()()| has a very thin shim at bottom of stack.

Adding a washer: From bolt head to pad. )()()()()) this is for when it gets weak.

You can also use a very thin washer like this for shims. )()()()()| if it gets weak.,

This is to keep your clutch hitting hard at higher rims. Don't add any washers or shims untill the clutch is engaging to early as you can go to far with it and the clutch won't engage, this is a very fine line. 

For beginner parents that want your bike to take off like a pw flipping the top washer around will make it engage when you barley touch the throttle.

From bolt head to pad (()()()()

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